Celebrate the Joy of Music

join us for the 8th annual benefit concert for wings of hope!

We have had the honor of supporting various missions for Haiti here at Wesley United Methodist Church since 2009.  The last four events have focused on Wings of Hope, an organization that provides a wide variety of supports for individuals with various developmental delays and disabilities.  Here’s more information:

Since 1994, Wings of Hope has been a critical part of the St. Joseph Family, providing a safe, happy, loving, caring, and hopeful family environment for children and young adults with physical and mental challenges.  Today, Wings of Hope provides a home and second chance for over 30 residents who would otherwise be shunned by Haitian society.

At Wings of Hope, each child receives a combination of occupational therapy, physical therapy, recreational therapy, and classroom time.  Developed in close collaboration with well-regarded schools and programs in the United States in Canada, programming is aimed at giving each student experiences that are educationally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually enriching and designed to maximize potential and enable each individual to live life to the fullest.  Residents and day students also enjoy wonderful opportunities in the larger community.  These enriching experiences help improve socialization, coordination, balance, and physical activity.

This year, we had an awesome lineup of musicians coming in to help Celebrate the Joy of Music and support this great ministry.  Take a look at some highlights, and be sure to check back in for information about our 2018 concert!

Cathy Dangerfield Taormina – Cathy grew up singing gospel music with her family.  She attended Sandhills Community College, where she performed with the Sandhills Singers and studied vocal training.  She also sang with the Raleigh Oratorio Society, Forest Hills Baptist Church Choir, and the Church of the Holy Cross Episcopal praise team.  Cathy now sings at Wesley United Methodist Church and is a worship leader at the Praise & Worship Service.  She also sings with The Fuzzbucket Music Company every chance she gets!  Cathy has been married to her wonderful and supportive husband, Gary, for 16 years.

Two Trailers Down – This well-known local bluegrass band started out with two guys who went to church together.  They reached out to other musicians in the area and played together in a garage before being asked to play their first gig at an oyster roast.  Band members include:  Jim Terrell (lead singer/lead guitarist), Ben Burr (banjo), CD Carter (rhythm guitar/vocals), Chris Orr (fiddle), Rich Bonnell (mandolin), and Maury Rapp (bass/vocals).  For more information about Two Trailers Down, contact Jim Terrell at 704-607-7296 or Maury Rapp at 704-299-0415.

Bill Nathan – Bill is a world-class drummer from Haiti.  He became an orphan at only 7   years old, becoming a child slave.  Forced to work long hours and endure beatings when he worked too slowly or made a mistake, he found solace in the 5-gallon bucket he used to retrieve water.  He used it as a drum while waiting in line, and once he was rescued and placed in an orphanage at age 11, staff there recognized and nurtured his talent.  After studying in Senegal and attending a global music workshop at Duke University on scholarship, Bill has returned to Haiti as the director of the same orphanage that rescued him and nurtured his gifts and talents.

Kimberly A. Jones – Kim and her family have lived in Charlotte for 10 years.  She has attended Westchester Exceptional Children’s School in North Salem, NY, as well as HeartSong, a music therapy program that taught her the fundamentals of music.  Kim enjoys volunteering through St. Matthews Catholic Church and participates in Rainbow Ministry through Matthews United Methodist Church.  She is also part of Special Olympics, not only as an athlete, but also as a Global Messenger.  God has blessed Kim with the gift of music, and she feels it is her ministry to share her gift with the community.

Christine Robinson – Christine grew up in York, PA, and was exposed to the stringed instruments in the 4th grade.  She studied the violin and majored in Elementary Education at Grace College, but it was her God-given talent of reading and playing music by ear that led to her career as a strolling violinist in upscale venues.  After becoming a stay-at-home mother to her two girls, she continued to perform locally and teach student in her home.  For almost a decade, Christine and her daughter played violin and flute at weddings together.  Christine is still compassionate about playing the violin, touching hearts & souls at every opportunity. For her, there is nothing better in life than putting a smile on a child’s face or playing just the right song at the right moment. The touch of the Master’s hand is powerful and to God be the Glory.

Lynn Ash – Lynn began piano lessons in the second grade and continued learning and playing through high school.  She continued playing for college concerts, domestic and international tours.  She received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music from Milligan College, and she has served as a pianist, organist, piano teacher, and choir director.  For now, she enjoys playing for nursing homes, weddings and other events.  Currently she is playing at Regency at Pineville.  She is married to Gregory Ash, and they currently live in Pineville.  They have 3 children and 3 grandchildren.  Lynn has served as a pianist, organist, and choir director. She taught private piano lessons in the past.

Bob Higginbotham – Bob was born in Mobile, AL, and was musical from birth.  He started taking drum lessons at the age of 5, and he continued playing drums and singing in school, church, and anywhere else people would let him.  When his family moved to West Virginia, he became involved in musical theatre, marching band, and chorus.  He became the Worship Leader here at Wesley United Methodist Church after moving to Charlotte 8 years ago with his wife and two beautiful children.

Mike Alicke – Mike is an award winning singer-songwriter-guitarist with many years of performing, touring, and recording experience.  Now residing in North Carolina, he has been recently named 2012 Songwriter of the Year by the Summit Songwriter Showcase in Davidson, NC as well as nominated for Best Singer/Songwriter for The Charlotte Music Awards. He is currently performing with the Rob McHale and Friends band as well as performing a series of shows highlighting some of his best work. For more information, email mikeamusic@yahoo.com.

Fuzzbucket Music Company – The Fuzzbucket Music Company was founded by singer-songwriter, David Domingo who has thrived in the music business his entire life.  The Fuzzbucket Music Company revolves around a floating roster of musicians, singers and performers from across the country, performing shows filled with lush harmonies and emotionally charged vocal delivery.  Their smooth rhythm and subtle, sonic textures overflow energy and emotion onto their audiences as they deliver a musical line up of folk, blues, gospel, bluegrass, and old-time country.  Their music is tastefully timeless and enjoyed by people of all ages.


Hearts with Haiti is a registered U.S. 501c3 nonprofit (56-2267791)
27 Horne St, Raleigh, NC 27607 | 919.758.8085